As a child I grew up in Lund being a very curious child. I was always ready with my father’s screwdriver waiting for him to bring a video player or something that we can open and fix together. I enjoyed working with my hands and it continued into adulthood with design. Art has always been a part of me and I believe it's thanks to my father who is my biggest inspiration in life. I came from a very creative and aesthetic family. I was surrounded in a world flourished by colourful and imaginary paintings. I felt blessed to experience such beauty but also driven and motivated to create. Sometimes we had workshops where we reused materials that we had collected and experimented with different shapes and forms.

My trip started with studies in Barcelona where I studied Interior architecture at Istituto Europeo di Design 2008, 2011 I moved back to Sweden continuing studying Graphic design, Picture & Room and The sketch as a creative tool at Lund’s University. I also studied Sustainable design at Malmo University where I increased my knowledge about how the foundation of material using works. One of the biggest challenges I had during my studies in Barcelona was re-designing a chair. The task was to find a chair and re-design it according to a known person, I chose Freddy Mercury and the song I created the chair according to was “I want to break free”.

The chair was the highlight of my life as a student and I got nominated. I began to mature within my own art and what I wanted to achieve. Everything I created had a meaning behind it. It didn't matter if it was a lamp, a necklace, a ring or a bracelet. I continued to use waste in my creations which still is the foundation for most of my work. I love the thought to extend the life of the material and give it a new life.

My passion for design has many layers where graphic design and photography are a few to mention. Graphics was something I liked to play with as I was studying interior architecture. I used to do tutorials and learn on my own then I decided to extend my knowledge at Lund University. By studying graphic design and typography I developed skills I didn't know I could ever have. I found new techniques within the Art at the university. I used mixed techniques using oil paint and water and photographs. (A little secret I can reveal is that every one of my artworks in the Ladies Collection has an image in the background:) As a creative person I also had interest in photography. Growing up I used to walk around snapping pictures with my camera, as it was a natural act for me. Later it went from amateur to working within it. Among the jobs I had as a photographer I worked at Copenhagen fashion week for Brick Lane London and Malmo city, here my profession as a photographer grew.

You could say that I'm a dreamer who believes in greater causes and expresses in different ways not bound by rules or any restrictions.


When I started to create my illustrations, I made my own unique style of artwork. I have not seen something like it before and that´s where my journey as an artist began.
All art has a free interpretation including mine. The message behind my art is connected to humans, society, mental health, psychology and more. I believe that we all have a responsibility toward the nature and the people around us and that each and one of us must think about their behaviours and how we treat the nature with the way we live.

If you like art that gives you reality in a way you wouldn´t imagine, fashion, colours and empowering words, then my art is for you. Also, for you who like to watch artwork that’s speaks to you and reminding you of the real world that you are surrounded by at the same time filling your home with colour and lines of abstract fashion. It´s important for me to create something with value that is timeless in any aspect of art and fashion.


The designs in the “Ladies Collection” is very special, the ladies are figures not only representing all the humans, but they are also an inspiration of fashion and design. The design of the figures was created when I was in Barcelona 2013 and I completed the illustrations in Sweden later that year. Some of the ideas behind the design of an artwork can instantly pop up depending on what I feel or think. A good example is the collection of Barcode, that specific collection was created during a period of my life when I felt that we lack freedom and freedom of speech in the world. What happens is that I get inspired of something or feel that this is a topic I want to create an artwork for, and it happens.


Most of my artwork has pictures in the background, it´s the images that give that feeling of life in the art. You can´t see the images but you can feel that there are more than just the illustrations.
Every photo is taken with passion and a specific purpose. The time I go for a photoshoot – walk is a very spiritual and concentrated time, this gives the best result in the pictures. As the saying goes: It’s not the car, it is the driver.


The technique behind each illustration can differ due to how its created, some of the illustrations are including hand sketch and some are illustrations. Some of the art creations takes me months to design and other takes a shorter amount of time. It variate depending on my mood or what I am planning to design.

I believe that my artworks are unique and very special, all made by love and passion which is one of the most important ingredients.


My niche is to create maximum 5 unique artworks in A1, this to add more value to the art piece. Special editions is a part of my service where few artworks are created to a higher price which is rare and unique.


LADY IN RED is one of my very special artworks and she is my signature design. This art is one of the special editions but from this piece there is only 2/5 left.