A person who says — INSPIRATION

My biggest inspiration to my art is human behaviour in society and my art is a reflection of the human psychology and behaviour. I used to live in Barcelona and something I used to do is to take my notebook and pen and sit at the terrace on a café and just watch people. Sometime draw quick sketches or write a poem inspired by them. I used to watch their behaviour and try to guess their backgrounds. Doing this gave me good knowledge of people which helped me in life when meeting people and during my job experience.

A person who says “I know” already lost

Life is a road filled with words and comments from others, I filter what I like and believe is positive for me and I delete what I don’t need. I try to take in good points from others and leave what´s not in my best interest. A person who thinks they “know” already lost. Psychologically by saying ” I know ” we already shut down the brain from taking in new things. So my advice is to be open and listen and get inspired. It doesn´t matter from whom or about what, it can always be a tool for you in your life.

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